About me…

I am Prudence Lerato “Rirhandzu” Cele. Ms. Dzo is a nick name my darling Lebo Nthathe gave me instead of calling me Randzo which is what most people call me.

I am a believer in love (God), I love serving others through prayer, song and ministering his word it just brings meaning to my life. I believe that prayer changes everything and I will be writing on that too. I’m a wife to lord Charles ‘’Bash’’ Cele. I call him Sweet-One because he just makes life sweeter. I am a mother of two. I play many other roles in my life but the ones above will be the focus of this blog as I believe those are the most important roles.

So, I blog because I believe I have something to say, I blog because I simply want to express what is in my heart. Lastly, I blog because (Ke rata dilo) ‘I simply like things.’