Yielding for protection

So we are on number 2 on the list of 8 things I have learnt in the 8 years of marriage.
* 2. Yielding/submitting is to make sure you don’t lose your covering(it protects you)*

I must admit that this topic is the most difficult for me to write about because it is very personal. So every once in a while the Lord takes me on a deeper lesson on this subject and reminds me it is my main assignment therefore I must understand it. This time came the lesson came by revelation while listening to a sermon by Joshua Selman called ”Praying into Rehoboth”. Warning! He is on the deep side of things.
Now back to the revelation: I walked into the home office feeling sad and I started narrating to my husband how I was wrong for wanting to increase my credit card limit and how he was right to stop me. I wanted ”a permanent” solution to resolve a temporary problem. Needless to say I didn’t like it when he said “No don’t need to increase your credit”, because most of us don’t like to be told No. What I didn’t realise is that he wanted to protect me. He gave me the money I needed and stopped me from getting into debt. Had I not listened to him not only would I be paying interest I had no business paying for in the first place but I would have missed an opportunity for my husband to show up for me. It’s like all the times I decided to ignore God’s voice and do what I want to do anyway, and once it was done, I would pay with interest!

God doesn’t deny us good things He protects us from what seems to be good at the time but actually isn’t. So next time you want to choose not to submit remember God trusted your husband as the leader of the home, not because you don’t know how to think but for order! Because God is not confused He will not give him a responsibility he is not capable of doing. Whether or not he is taking up that role is an issue between him and God.
Now back to Joshua Selman’s message:

The man explains how the LACK of responsiveness from the husband is a signal of an unhealthy marriage, when the church submits and does God’s will, it is hard for God to deny them anything. The same applies to wives, if your husband doesn’t jump at the sound of your cry there is a problem, his love for you demands that he wants to make life easier and pleasant for you. So it is not a question of his LOVE for you but what is in question is your submission.

The question is are you a Vashti or Esther? Vashti forgot she was only a Queen because she married a King, don’t forget you are a wife because he (your hubby) chose to make you one! Esther on the other honoured her husband so much he offered her half the kingdom.

Last year the Lord was training me on this yet again, He kept on showing me how ausi Margert was honouring her husband and how it was melting him. It happened during a call I had with her and she said I must thank daddy for bathing and taking the kids to sleep while I was praying with her on the phone. I could not stop thinking about her words because I have gotten so used to my husband doing these things I have forgotten to appreciate it and give him the honour he deserves. Then the Holy Spirit dealt with me again as I listened to her apologise, her apology made me feel so bad I wanted to apologise to her thereafter.

I asked God what is different with this woman’s submission, and the Lord said it is the posture of her heart. I was so challenged I realised the kind of apology she made was sincere and it was not made in passing. I was filled with admiration for her and I wanted what she had – she had POWER!

If her apology could do that to me can you imagine what it does to a man who loves her, I can’t imagine her being denied anything within the husband’s ability to provide.😉

So I concluded that women like ausi Margert and Esther understood the secret of submission, this it is a kingdom principle that says:’the way up is down’ meaning that because they are willing to give up their power and it is given back to them multiplied. These women will not fail because they have the love of their husbands. Submission provokes a man to rise to their wives defence. If you want to enjoy your marriage, give your husband an opportunity to show up on your behalf.A church that is not submissive to God’s word and leading will suffer the consequences of disobedience not because Jesus does not love them but because they will be choosing to put themselves outside His covering.

with love
Ms Dzo

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Tumi Tjale
5th Oct 2021 18:25

Finish en klaar !

Stella Nhantumbo
5th Oct 2021 09:48

It’s too early for you to be fighting me like this😭🙃 this is mind blowing! And I struggle with this one personally especially when I think I’m justified.

Khumbuzile Sithole
4th Oct 2021 20:58

Yaaa! this we can’t see with our own 2 eyes, deep, the Lord may Help us.

4th Oct 2021 18:44

Shuu! Waze wa personal sisi! I dont always like or leave a comment when you post but I always learn something. Thank you for your diligence on teaching. May God continue to bless your marriage.