Gift of Forgiveness – part 4

So this forgiveness series took longer than I had planned but I am not complaining instead, I enjoyed writing every single post.
But as the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”, and I’d like to close this one by reminiscing on a time I use to mistake walking away from a hurtful situation as me having forgiven the person in question. So you can imagine my surprise when God revealed that I was harbouring unforgiveness in my heart. It was during fasting and praying when the Lord showed me the person, I needed to forgive for my prayer life to grow into another level. I would later come to understand that I could not effectively intercede for others with unforgiveness in my heart.

There are two kingdoms, and we all need to pick a side. When Jesus said you are of your Father to the devil, He was basically saying your actions should demonstrate your allegiance and in XiTsonga we say:” mintirho ya vulavula” (your actions speak). If our God is a forgiving Father, you can guess who isn’t.
One day God showed me, someone, I considered a friend who hurt me many times, but I had put in a “never opening my heart to you again” box, I didn’t even know I had such a box but like many of you, I had to have it as a protective mechanism. And the walls in the box kept going higher with every offence. The only way I could take the walls down was by praying for her. And today I can attest that:” Love does cover a multitude of sins.”

The sad thing is that the person the box is suffocating is YOU because the person placed in the box doesn’t even know that’s where you put them. It stops you from loving people the way God intends. As a parent it would break my heart to see my children building walls for one another because that only means they isolate themselves and render themselves vulnerable to attack in isolation. The truth is we are stronger together. It is Impossible that offence will not come and the closer the person the more painful, but I have good news for you whether you become better or bitter because of the experience is completely up to you.

My prayer is that you will search your heart tear down all the walls you put up. You can’t do it by yourself you will need the help of the Holy Spirit. Let His perfect love make you whole again.

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Tumi Tjale
12th Apr 2021 18:20

Prudence my dear sister, this one I have to ask. I need personal help with it. So I would have tried to make amends with the person concerned. Tried to reach out, tried to have an adult conversation, tried to clear the air. But this person would not come to the party (mind that I would be perceiving this person as the perpetrator). I’m saying perceiving because it will be me feeling that I was wronged, while there’s a chance that they could also be hurt by something I did or said. Now this person not coming to the party,… Read more »

Khumbuzile Sithole
8th Apr 2021 22:35

Thank you so much may God bless you for all your sincerity. The truth is God’s way is the right way He knows better than anyone or anything that exists.

Silondile Gasa
8th Apr 2021 18:33

One day I’ll come back and leave a related comment for now let’s me just say Thank you mam’Cele for this blog ❤️