Hello 2021

Happy new year darlings! Yes, I know it is the last day of January but I still have to wish you a blessed new year filled with growth, love and abundance of joy.

If you are reading this I just want you to pause for a minute and reflect on the fact that you are a walking and talking testimony of God’s faithfulness.
I know it been a minute.
Yet since Covid hit I, like many of you have been overwhelmed, shocked and most importantly I have been re-evaluating my whole existence and as I was doing this in silence, Thato convinced me to take you along on this journey and it made a lot of sense😊. “Thank you MaMoruti”.

Since March 2020 I started thinking about all the things I have been doing and whether or not they will matter once all is said and done!
Honestly, I realised I had fallen into a trap of recognition, likes and subscription numbers and I forgot my “why”…
Most bloggers seem to have perfect marriages, kids, bodies and houses so
I started wondering if there is still a point to it all:
Will it matter how many people followed me?
How many lives has my blog changed for the better?
Is Christ glorified through the blog?
What matters to me?

While I am still working on the answers to the questions, the one thing I know for sure is that God and Family are what matters to me, I am a steward trusted with my family and called to contribute to the Kingdom of God. It is because of this that I decided I needed to revamp my blog.
So I will still write about Jesus, Love and my kids because I think I have been called to love and daily these three areas of my life test my love capacity the most.

Loving God- “Peter do you love me? He asked ….feed my sheep”
So I can’t love Christ without loving His people.
Loving Sweet-One- teaches me also about the kingdom of God and God’s love for the church but it is not the end in itself but part of God’s refining institution.
Loving my kids- comes naturally daily I pour myself into them conscious of the fact that I am a steward and I will account for what I have been entrusted with.
So I will be making some changes to the website and focusing my content on these three subjects.
So, Darling, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

Let’s BEGIN again
Love Ms Dzo❤️

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31st Jan 2021 19:50

Thank you, looking forward to learning more