Birthday Post- Chapter 34

My grandmother tells me it was in the early hours of the morning that she took my mother to hospital on her way to work, “she will probably labour all day” she thought. The phone wrung at her office and they told her my mother had given birth to a baby girl on that cold winter morning. When I heard this story, I remember thinking she probably laboured all night without complaining until it was almost time. She does that a lot she carries so much with God. She says IT IS WELL while praying. I cannot imagine what was going through her mind, the questions she asked God or the emotions she felt. I can imagine they were mixed, as an 18 year old she was blessed with a child but she was also faced with an uncertain future. She is an example of how to handle challenge with grace and peace.

I am today what she calls a blessing even though at the time I was a “mistake”. Today she can testify that All things work together for good, the Lord wanted me here in 2020 to be a parent to Phopho and Thando and wife to Sweet-One, my mom’s best friend and prayer partner. I look back and my heart is full of gratitude because my parents love me, to this day when my dad sends me a message he reminds  me his I am his one and only daughter.  🙂 Never have I been so grateful to hear them sing happy birthday to me like I was this morning it brought me to tears. The pandemic has taken so much but it has also taught us to appreciate every single day. There is a proverb I like it says “Sorrow is better than laughter because it saddens your face but it sharpens your understanding’’ this cannot be truer than it is today.

This week I was saying to a friend what the tough times do is they reveal who we are. It is in the tough times that we see what we are made of, unless the olive is crushed oil cannot flow and the contents are a mystery. In the good days it is easy to say I believe in God but it is in the tough days that you will know if you really believe in God. The world as we know it, is on pause and we are forced to focus on what really matters. Today I as I reflect on what matters my heart is full.

On this day I am grateful to my parents for the sacrifices they made, I am grateful I did not have a perfect life because that is what made me who I am today. I am grateful for my relationship with God it is the reason tough times do not shake me. I am grateful for my loving husband who knows me better than most people and yet chooses me every day 10 years later he is still the Sweet-One. I am grateful for my babies oh Lord thank you for the gifts that keep on giving. I am grateful for my brothers and my friends for stretching me to dig deeper to give them customised loving. I am grateful for the life I am living and the opportunity to serve my God.

Blessed  Chapter 34  MsDzo

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Tumi Tjale
27th Jul 2020 14:40

Amen and Amen ! Happy Birthday Pru ! You are a blessing to them and to us too. We appreciate you. You are indeed not a mistake – but a blessing 🙂 …. Continue being a blessing and inspiring us.

26th Jul 2020 20:38

This is beautiful dear. Happy birthday 🎂

25th Jul 2020 21:48

Happy birthday Ms Dzo, you are a gift to all of us

Phumzile Letsosa
25th Jul 2020 21:41

Ncooooh… sweet man. You deserve every perfect gift. You’re such a blessing. Love you lots😘