So wait, am I the only one apologising more than usual? As a family even though we live together we only really spend about 4 hours together while juggling bath time, dinner and bedtime stories.

We have mastered the art of doing family time in doses and the only time we really get to spend time together is when we are on holiday but even then, we don’t have homeschooling and work deadlines to do at the same time. 

So today is day 35 of the lockdown and I had to apologize to Sweet-One yet again for snapping at him when he asked a simple question😩.

This was not the first time one of us has had to apologize for responding harshly and probably not the last time. Our helper had to go back to Eswatini so needless to say we miss her because at least she would watch the kids ride their bikes and help bathe them while I cook, work or take a long shower Oh!!!how I miss my Me time 😥 

We are blessed to have my brother around  who the kids call malome, he is great at shaping cute golden fish with playdough and drawing but he is also the last born who is used to being alone watching money heist and listening to his audiobooks. So sometimes all Sweet-One and I have is one another.

In between the zoom calls, spreadsheets and responding to emails we make a lot of snacks and break up fights. Somewhere in between we have to find time to get some quiet time with God and for US. We celebrate bedtime because that is the only time we have a quiet moment to ourselves, over a cup of tea and cookies where we usually start with reflections. We apologise for the moments of weakness but that is not the only thing we do, we also laugh about the humorous moments we experienced with the munchkins and celebrating a new word they learnt to read or vegetables they actually tasted for the first time. 

It’s at that moment when I realize that there is a blessing in this lockdown. 

My husband and I will remember how hard it was to balance it all, history will remember a pandemic but our kids will remember the time spent with their parents at home and we need to make sure it is a good memory.

So don’t be afraid to tell your spouse that you are about to lose it and they should take over the homeschooling session or they should handle dinner or help with the laundry to avoid a burn out. You both want to kiss each other good night exhausted but happy because you understand what the writer of the Ecclesiastes passage meant when he said: “two is better than one.”

I may not be sure how long the lockdown will be but I do know that we can only be better parents and partners after this, provided we don’t just apologise but learn and grow from this season too.

With love MsDzo

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Nelia Temba
2nd May 2020 03:30

Testing times these are! I was checking in on the girls as I put them to bed today . Just to see how they holding up, not that it’s not evident on a daily basis that they’ve had it😩. The fights they have🙆🏾‍♀️😆🤦🏽‍♀️. I feel for them shame, it’s also such a hard time for them. But they are such little troopers 😍 shame, they find hope in every situation. They are grateful that they get to have so much fun at home even if it’s lockdown. So family is literally everything now. We are reminded through this time that… Read more »