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So I have been struggling with my skin since I stopped breastfeeding and started taking contraceptives (too much information right? I know), but the last time I struggled with acne I was a teenager and if you have ever had skin problems you know how it can affect your confidence. It has been rough!

I changed from Dermalogica to 365 and my skin has been in the “critical but stable” state ever since. I thought let me give it a year maybe my hormones will calm down and I will have my skin back, this is according to my friend Google and the timing of my breakouts…they are hormonal I said so I was determined to wait it out  before changing treatments again.  It had been a year and so I decided I needed to consult a dermatologist because the facials are expensive and I am not sure if they will ever clear my skin completely. As I was waiting at the doctors room to consult I see Blue Mbombo’s picture and she looked perfect, I thought to myself that’s all I need “clear skin” Lord…then God said: “you don’t need to be perfect for them to hear you or relate to you”.

I almost cried because wow I really did not expect that response . What God was saying to me in that moment is that most of us are focused on our outward looks and appearance because we believe that is what people relate to but that could not be further from the truth. Real people do not have perfect bodies and skin, nor the perfect family. Each one of us have something they are struggling with and trusting God for. In all the books and blogs I have read the most relatable content is the most genuine, if people wanted to read perfect stories about how perfect other people’s kids are or how you gave birth and never had a stretch mark on your body, they would simply read fairy tales. Our struggles make us relatable.

One of my favorite characters in the bible engages with God on a regular basis and his face would shine because of it  but he also had temper issues and was a stutterer. God still used him to take the Israelites out of Egypt. I like him a lot because he is proof that you can have issues and still love God. I am not saying you should not desire to improve. All I am saying is that God can still use you regardless of your skin imperfections and broken public school English.  God never wastes our struggles, when we allow Him He uses them to make an impact in the lives of many. I wrote a post in 2018 titled “Brown Skin” quoting a song by Lauren Daigle- “You say” and it is still relevant today because God knew exactly what He was doing when He created you.

In our effort to improve and be better versions of ourselves we must never forget that we are already enough, and that our worth can never be determined by how flawless we may seem to be. Instead let us seek to use our weaknesses to inspire others to realize that they too are  also loved despite all of their flaws. Lastly do not wait until you have the perfect body, house, career, or whatever else, to start! If God says do something just do it. The truth is the day when you will have everything you want, will never come! Can you imagine what would have happened to the Israelites if Moses waited until he could speak fluently? The Israelites would have stayed longer in captivity. You owe it to yourself and to the people who are waiting on your ministry to start writing that book, podcast, blog, etc., just start so you can set them free. Your audience is waiting on you.

With love

Ms Dzo

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Tumi Tjale
28th Jan 2020 16:45

How powerful ! It reminded me of the Sermon this past Sunday. The theme was “You are also part of God’s plan. The door will never be shut until you have also entered”. The story of the Ark. How Noah was instructed to let two of each kind of animal to enter the ark. Among these animals were cheetahs and a tortoise. Nothing could hurry the tortoise because it is its nature to be slow. Noah had to be patient for it, All the other fast animals had to be patient for it. Because God included it in His plans.… Read more »