Starting from an advantage point


So one of the Monday’s at cell group we were reflecting on the Sunday’s sermon about leaving the familiar. People in the group reflected on where God had taken them from, it was a good session to remind us that He is committed to our development, growth and success.

However one of the members asked: ”what if you are okay with being comfortable?” and he gave an example about how he grew up in a Christian home so he does not necessarily have the similar curiosity to dig deeper as someone who’s encountered God at a later stage in their live…(I am paraphrasing.)

But this made me realize that he also wanted to have a story about how he was Muslim or how he grew up in a family of unbelievers and God saved him. Then it hit me, all my life I have been thinking that I could be a better person, better Christian, better member of society if everyone in my family was Christian and lived up to their full potential but I realized that I have been lying to myself, everyone of us is loved by God and He uses All things for our good…including being born in a family that believes in idolatry.

If I had not been born into the Makhubele family I don’t think I would be the person I am today. My dad’s decision to be Christian was frowned upon and even ridiculed because they understood there is darkness in the world and dealt with it through ancestral worship. Growing up this was a part of my life I did not want to share with anyone, and I always asked God why I was not born into another family.

Looking back, I don’t think I would be the prayerful person I am today if I was born into a different family, I had to start understanding spiritual warfare from a young age. When this was happening, I used to wonder why me and I even desired to be part of what I saw as “drama free” families where everyone loved each other and prayed for everyone. In these families no one is being accused of being a traitor for choosing Christ. Because I  remember sharing with some of my friends that I once asked God if He would give me “normal’ problems, you know those prayers like : ”God elevate my family to greater heights, help them fulfil their purpose on earth, a new bigger car“ lol… instead of praying for people to be saved and for deliverance from curses.

I honestly felt like I was fighting Goliath sized problems and I did not feel ready. What I didn’t realise is that the deliverance of many people in my family was linked to me, convincing me that we are not born into our families by accident, everything about, us is as it should be.

Gideon saw himself as the least in the tribe, Judges 6 v12-13 When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said: “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior. Pardon me, my lord,” Gideon replied, “but if the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?”

He could not imagine that if God was with him, He would have let everything that was happening to them, happen. He is a classic example of many of us who still believe that challenges in your family means God is absent.

When the Lord told him to go save Israel he responded : Judges  6 verse 5:“Pardon me, my Lord,” “but how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the least in my family.”

Like many of us he thought he was inadequate for the work God wanted him to do. I strongly believe God does not waste our pain and tears, everything we go through He uses to empower others and to strengthen us in our life journey. Trust Him to use your struggle as a testimony of His goodness. Your whole life is proof that God is good, do not miss the miracle that is your life while you envy others and their storylines. I believe that even the people who were born into Christian families have their own struggles that prepare them for their journey. What we may see as a disadvantage may be your advantage point. Your starting you from that position that only you can start from, makes your story unique to you and it will encourage people that you are meant to minister to.

Your experience is linked to your calling and He uses what you went through to give you the muscle and to make you “relate-able” to the people that need your ministry. Joseph had a family that wanted to get rid of him but God turned that around for the good so it is important to always see God’s perspective. Recently I have been thinking about my great grandfather from my maternal side of the family who was a pastor and wondered if God answered his prayers through his great grandchildren?

Start where you are and be the best version of yourself. You are here to represent your family name for season make sure you rewrite history and leave a legacy that will inspire. Your Disadvantage truly is your advantage.

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