Embracing every stage

As women’s month drew to a close, I found myself appreciating the amazing force that is a Woman. We are phenomenal creatures, meticulously created for God’s glory. We are delicate yet strong, we are gentle yet courageous, we brave the toughest storms and emerge stronger than before. Sweet-one always says, “if there is anything he admires about women, it has to be their emotional strength”. I know you may think that, that is a not big compliment but it is. It takes strength to love unconditionally and to hope for the best. It takes strength to forgive, to nurture a fragile person to life. It takes courage to trust another person to lead you. And it takes strength to consistently put others ahead of yourself. We do all that and more on a daily basis because it is Who we are. More often than not people have to remind us to take care of ourselves, : ”have ”Me time”, “fill your cup first”they say”. See my previous post titled ‘pouring from an empty cup’.

In this post, I really just want to challenge every woman to embrace the different stages of their lives, whether you are a student living by yourself or a young woman living with her sibling or , a single mother or devoted wife. You are phenomenal, we tend to think our lives are defined by the roles we play (mother, wife, girlfriend, friend, sister etc). Although those are very important roles and makes your life fuller they are not who we are.

When I was asked to speak at Kea Mphohle’s bridal shower the Holy Spirit reminded me that each one of us was celebrated from birth, and it was not just by our families but everyone who was told the good news of our birth. Our parents were congratulated and there was a hope that our existence would make the world a better, brighter and more beautiful place because we valued that you are a God idea. And if He in all his wisdom saw it fit that you be born He had a plan and purpose which can only be accomplished by you.

Women you are more than the roles you play! I refuse to believe that my existence is validated only by the titles given to me. So I decided to take my braids off in August because I felt I needed to just enjoy my short hair. I was asked if I’m not going to plait until my afro was long enough for styling. I said No! I actually like my hair short. I realised that too many of us are waiting for our hair to grow, our kids to grow, for our friends to be better, our husbands to love us, for that PHD, or to be millionaires before we can enjoy our lives. Life is what happens while; the kids grow up, while our hair grows, and we learn to be better lovers and friends. Some of us may never become mothers, never have a PHD or be millionaires and that does not make our existence any less significant.

So, let’s embrace the short hair and watch as it grows, let’s stay up at night with a new-born, let’s have petty fights about nothing with our spouses, enjoy a girls’ night out with a friend. Nothing lasts forever and if you are preoccupied with the destination you might miss God’s goodness in the journey. I am not saying you must not desire growth, or to have a family and that fat bank account, God wants you to prosper and He gave you that desire to grow and when you tell Him those desires He will give them to you. Just don’t be miserable while you wait, you will never know how beautiful you look with short hair until you let it be.

This post was supposed to be light no scriptures etc but I have to quote this one “despise not the days of humble beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” Zachariah4:10.

Remeber you are Phenomenal

Love Dzo

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4th Sep 2019 11:12

I am so overwhelmed with the roles I’m being trusted with that I have completely shut the door to myself .