Prayer is the “Plug”

As the cool kids say prayer is the ‘plug’, it simply keeps you connected to the right frequency . So I have been feeling down because of my work situation and feeling unappreciated. I remembered what God said through a friend to me at the beginning of the year about how things about to change. And I just got angry thinking about it because it doesn’t look like it at the moment, instead it looks like things are getting worse. So, I had to come up with a strategy to get me through this hurdle. I started with listening to sermons instead of just reading the word and praying in the morning. Yes that is still very important, you have to check in with the one who blessed you with on more day, ask him what he would have you do. I knew I needed something more, we have all been there, you really don’t know what to thank God for, all you do is complain and and you don’t look forward to communion because you wish God would hurry up and do what he promised already. As soon as I listened to other people teaching the word I had a desire to hear what God is saying about my situation. So these morning sessions got me to delve deeper into the word.

I also started remembering what God has done in my life. Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not ALL his benefits. So when someone asked ‘what do you do to get over disappointment?’ my response was, I cry it out and ask God for a better perspective on the matter. That is what asking God about your situation is. It does not mean you are not disappointed anymore, it just means you re escalating the matter to someone with a better view than you. So for the job you didn’t get he shows you that it would have required you to travel more that means time away the kids. You think you know what is good for you but He knows better. You will not be able to smile and do your best work everyday when you think people don’t appreciate you if you don’t pray. The flesh will give you opportunities to show them just how smart you are by exposing their weaknesses and being spiteful and not coming through for them when they need you. The flesh is very good at taking revenge but the irony is after doing that you will not gain a thing. Ask God how he wants you to handle the situation. Give more than what is expected, go over and above let them ask each other, why is she like this?

So I am like a sponge that absorbs good things into my system and do my best to implement them in my life but first I must understand  so well that I am able to share with others, that’s how  I know its in my system. A couple of weeks ago Pastor Ken was teaching on discipleship and I’m still digesting the message (yes I need time – ke slow) he mentioned how discipleship is not a class but what you do on a daily basis. ”Go ye into the world and make disciples” is about the decisions you and I make everyday. People are not interested in how many times you pray they are interested in what the prayer does for you. It is not what church you attend but the life you live, if you are in a worse space than your colleague who does not go to church how will you make a disciple out of them?

Nicodemus said to Jesus ” we know you are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him”. So it turns out people notice when you are different(surprise -surprise). So if you are blending in and reacting the way everyone else would, no one wants to be like you. The world is looking for solutions to everyday challenges. It is only when you are different that people ask – how do you do it? Jesus responded by saying  ”unless you are born again” when you handle things differently from everyone else people want to know why and that is how we make disciples. Pastor Ken also said you can teach a class on discipleship on Sunday but be a grumpy person in the office no one will want to be like you.

In conclusion, the greatest sermon you will ever preach is how your relationship with God has made your life great. Let it be seen that you are not like the others. The way I make sure I show up even when I don’t want to, is I pray before facing someone I know undermines my opinion and doesn’t value me. I ask God for grace to deal with whatever they throw at me with a smile. Another thing to do is prepare, don’t just prepare yourself emotionally or spiritually but professionally too. Go the extra mile, even if they never appreciate it, a person can say you are not as sharp as the next person but never give them an opportunity to say you are lazy. In tsonga we say mintirho ya vulavula (deeds talk) so let your work speak for you. God is not about to  make you immune to day to day challenges but he will give you wisdom to navigate them like a Boss  😀

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Nelia Temba
28th Jun 2019 05:00

Yea Boss Lady🙌🏾
Let your actions speak louder than your words indeed! And it’s tough when you at that place when feeling undermined and unappreciated! But don’t react in a way they want you to! Make them ask themselves, “how did she just come out on top of this🤔”.

We shall overcome ✊🏾