There ain’t no hood like motherhood

As May draws to an end, I would like to reflect on motherhood and how it has changed me.

I am a mother, I have a mother and she also has a mother, point is there is no human being without a mother. Whether or not you have a good relationship with her is a topic for another day.

Since I became a mother I have been amazed at the depth of love I have for my munchkins and children in general. So my friend Dorcas says I was motherly even before I was a mother I am not quite sure what that means but I think she was trying to say I am a bit extra and Nelia will probably agree with her. What I learnt from her statement is that some people do this motherhood gig with much more ease than others – they have made peace with the sacrifices that comes with motherhood, and some women feel its too high a price to pay and there is nothing wrong with that. As a woman you have a have a right to choose if this is what you want to do or not. I know of people who would do anything to become mothers but they have been told by doctors it is not possible, they cry when they see their period, they feel like disappearing when yet another person asks the dreaded question “when are you having baby?” they politely smile and walk away or just look away in hope you would change the subject. Motherhood is a gift and only God knows who can becomes a mother. When you are tempted to ask someone about when they are having a child just keep in mind that it could be that they have chosen not have any or they are having challenges so tread carefully.

So when you become a mother you inherit extra sensitivity, you cry when they hurt you wish you could take the pain on their behalf and you also cry when they do well because their joy is your joy. Sometimes you even cry from witnessing an accident or you see someone suffering from drug abuse, suddenly as a mother you adopt every child around you. Science can back me up on this please do look it up. It is like you discover that you have a super power that has been lying dormant and is now awakened by this new human you have carried into this world. You intuitively know what you need to do, yes with some guidance from other mothers and google of course 😉

This is my tribute to all the mothers.

We see you, we appreciate you and one day when they (the kids) are older they will appreciate all that you do for them.

They don’t call you mama for nothing                                                                                                                       You love deeply even when the don’t want you to                                                                                            You give without any expectation                                          You avoid sushi and wine even you really want it – because you don’t want harm your unborn baby

   You feed and nurture even when they spit and tell you it’s not nice after you slaved for hours to prepare something new                                                                                               You stay up when they are sick just to make sure they are breathing right and you fever doesn’t spike up                                                                                                                    You sometimes sleep upright because their reflux won’t let them sleep flat                                                 You are simply a wonder                                                                                                                            A display of God’s unconditional  love                                                                                                   A gift that keeps on giving                                                       

Even when they have grown up and move out you will still carry them in your heart and in your prayers                                                                                                                    Even when you are tempted to say  No! because it hurts you just can’t bring yourself to stop them from feeding from your breast, because you know it the best nutrition for them          

Your love is sacrificial – it knows no boundaries. You are a mother                                Everyone on this planet has a mother, there is no life without a mother     

You are a mother  because you conceived a seed and agreed to partner with God in bringing life           

God trusted you with the most fragile and precious gifts for a reason                         You are their main source of sustenance and love – from the womb till to adulthood

We see you, we appreciate you and one da when they are older they will appreciate all that you do for them. For now don’t get tired. You are not perfect but the good news is you don’t need to be, you just have to be the best mom you can. You are rewarded daily by kisses, cuddles and the warm feeling in your heart when you see your baby smile.


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