When do you pray?

I saw a quote which I liked on social media which said

“Don’t pray when you feel like it. Make an appointment with the King and keep it” Corrie ten Boom

Everything within me agreed with this quote because if  I simply waited to pray when I felt like it, that could mean once a week, once a month and eventually never. A prayerful life does not happen by accident it is something one must practice every opportunity they get. Until it becomes a part of who we are. We must pray until we don’t do anything without committing it to God ,not only should we pray for long distant trips but every trip we take, the people you are going to visit and the words that come out of your mouth .

When I place food on the table my two-year old says “baba bonga” (dad pray) that is when he prays he doesn’t think about it anymore. We need to do the same thing with our devotions whether its in the morning or evening it must be an appointment we keep. Just like we check in on our parents or friends. He died for a relationship with you, if you have a date with him, you can bet he is going to pitch. The appointment might seem awkward at first you may even feel like you are not connecting, you might be scared to tell him what you would like to eat but like all relationships, it will evolve into an effortless conversation. And you will get to understand the desires of his heart and he will listen to yours and you will exchange your hopes and dreams. He will rub on you his kindness, his patience, his LOVE and you will become one and you wont be able to imagine a day without having a conversation with him.

When I say I will devote 30 minutes of prayer each day , I try my best keep the appointment because I don’t want to disappoint him. Yes, sometimes I oversleep and only have a few minutes for a quick prayer. Of course as the family grows and home dynamics change “Me time” becomes a myth. When you can’t go to the bathroom by yourself having an hour to yourself seems impossible. Working moms know that  responding to all your messages, preparing a good meal for your family, playing with your babies, playing with your husband😜, and getting the body you once had all comes at a cost. There is going to be something that suffers, It’s either your thriving social life or your relationship with the father. Since no one monitors your spiritual growth like they do your weight loss progress, it is very easy to neglect. May we make a conscious effort to make prayer a part of our daily routine. Do what works for you if you can’t wake up early do it in the evening, do it during your lunch break.  I will write about so called “perfectly balanced life” soon, because I think we need to have a conversation about whether or not we can have it all.

Now back to making time for prayer. It requires discipline and it is an investment worth making for your day, for your family, for your work,  and for your ministry. And the Return On Investment is very high without any risks. I have found that if I start my day that way, it becomes easier for me to pray throughout the cause of the day. Do not let the day happen to you, we have authority to pull down the plans and plots of the enemy. We can make the valleys, mountains and crooked places to align with Gods will for our lives but we can’t do it without being intentional.

I speak to my husband throughout the day, as a result we don’t have awkward moments when I don’t know what to say to each other. He just gets me, but that comes with time and constant communication. If we want our prayer time to be effective we ought to actively engage our father, speak to him regularly make it easy for yourself to love him back. I am not claiming to to have a perfect prayer life sometimes one of the kids wants to sleep in your arms and you don’t get to rest properly the next thing you know its time to bath. But you know what? he knows your heart . No need for special gathering, church building or 5 other experienced intercessors. Just you and your father 

PS:He told me He loves hearing from you  😀 .

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2nd Jul 2018 16:48

Powerful Pru. I am reminded of a pastor who once said we ought to pray four times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon, evening and at all times. I was challenged by my pastor recently, when I went to him to discuss the idea of growing the church, he agreed with most of the plans I had but stressed the importance of prayer more than anything. I like the part about praying until we cant do anything without committing it to God. Thanks for sharing

8th Mar 2018 19:30

This is insightful Mrs C. A prayerful life requires commitment and intentional time set aside. And it surely grows. It is amazing how light and accurately one’s spirit discern with this kind of relationship with the father.

Tumi Tjale
8th Mar 2018 09:50

Traditions and customs taught us to kneel down, bow down, close your eyes and pray. Very powerful and true ways of giving some of our time to our Creator. Real life issues teach us that there’s not always time to do the tradition of kneeling down, bowing down, closing our eyes and praying. In the midst of our busy schedules, we need to find time to pray – somehow. I used to talk to my Creator throughout the day. When walking the streets, when sitting down somewhere, when getting on a car, when lying down to sleep and when I… Read more »