Are you who they say you are?

When a child is born the family rejoices and they anticipate the wonderful things they will do in this world. We know God saw a challenge on earth and he decided to send that specific person to bring a solution. When we start seeing their personalities we appreciate that they are not like their siblings and we celebrate it. Somewhere between creche and high school the panel beating takes place. When a child expresses themselves through drawings instead of singing then we scold them for that decision. When you raise your hand in class, they say you think you are better than everyone. It is unfortunate that we are trained to think this way from a young age.

When you arrive at tertiary then you are asked, what you like doing and you are not sure because you were forced to be good at everything and not harness what you are good at. When we start working and we realise, it is not all that it is made out to be then we start singing the ” Be you / Follow your dreams ” song and spend most of our adult lives trying to figure out what makes us unique.

I’ve always been opinionated about everything so they said ka phapha (I’m forward). At first  it bothered me,  I wanted to adjust to suit people’s expectations and what they wanted me to be. When I started working, my boss sent me to a meeting with Senior officials and I blurted out that i think their allocated funds could be better used elsewhere. Needless to say that comment was not well received. After that meeting I went to her office to explain myself and she said to me “you applied your mind and provided a solution whether they take it or not you still expressed your opinion that means you were in the room”. You can imagine the shock, all my life I had to explain myself for having an opinion. Here was someone who was encouraging me.

I’m a passionate person and I’m not scared to express myself through dance and music they said orata dilo (she likes things). Why do we feel the need to tell others to sit down because we are not brave enough to stand up? 

I love ministering through song and speaking, it is part of who I am. Today other people enjoy seeing me do these things, and I used to think I had to change for others to like me. I tried to bite my tongue and I failed. I realized that God had a purpose for everything that sets me apart from others. I discovered my strengths and embraced them. There is a purpose for your unique qualities embrace them and do you boo. When people see something different they are fascinated, and then one of two things happens they either get uncomfortable when they realise they can’t contain you or they embrace you and let your uniqueness encourage them to be themselves. They don’t understand how you can be different but still comfortable in your own skin, when society dictates that we all blend inAnd that makes them uncomfortable. But those who admire your courage will be liberated by it.

“Do not let other people write your definition, you are not a common phrase to be found in the dictionary if they want to know who you are, they must ask you and only your definition counts” Nicolette Mashile.


It is not everyone who will like you for who you are and that’s okay. Not everyone is going to be your cup of tea either. The people who are supposed to receive from you will appreciate you and those who are not will receive from someone else.

What inspires me, does not have to inspire you.

Everyone has their audience 

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Tumi Tjale
1st Mar 2018 15:04

Only maturity gets one to this point. Unfortunately human nature and societal expectations tend to shape and determine what people become. But with knowing who’s child one is, it’s easy to snap out of the box. Refuse to be put in a box. Be vocal about who you are as long as it is within the acceptable principles including that of respect. I can relate to what you’ve experienced growing up and I’ve also refused to be put in a box. Be who your Father says you are ! Nothing else !

6th Feb 2018 14:16

“be yourself, everyone else is taken” Stolen

6th Feb 2018 10:45

Amen to that, that was beautifully said. Do you boo.