Who do you believe?

On the days leading to the end of my pregnancy,  like most women I was anxious about the safe delivery of our daughter into this world; in the perfect health, and the birth that I have been praying for. I started thinking about a failed attempt at seeing our baby girl through a 4D scan the previous Saturday, she only gave us a glimpse of her eye and nose but quickly brought her hands to her face almost as if she knew someone was trying to look at her. We did this for 30 minutes and still no luck. Sweet-One concluded she did not want us to see her yet.

I started imagining that maybe she was protecting us from bonding with her and visualising what she will look like, could she be protecting us because she knows we will not get to meet her? I wondered.

I know I’m being dramatic, but since I fell pregnant two of my close friends lost their babies and I had to be the one comforting and praying with them despite all my fears. In my prayers I asked, Lord why do I have to see them go through this? Are you preparing me for something even though I didn’t admit it to them I was devastated.

So today at prayer I opened up to my King Jesus and told him all these bad thoughts I’ve been having and then during our prayer session  Refilwe shared on faith and how it is believing the things you cannot see but also believing according to God’s promises. The Holy spirit immediately reminded me of what was promised to me a few months back. On Tuesday the 25th July 2017 my 31st birthday.

In my morning prayer, the Lord gave me the scripture
“Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfilment of those things which were told her from the Lord.”Luke 1:45 NKJV
Same day at 6:53 I received a message from Grace, one of my spiritual sisters

Good morning Mma Cele, hope all is well, I dreamt about you, you gave birth to a healthy baby girl, you were crying over joy when you were looking at her!!! We bless God!!!

God said it and I believed and sent the message to Sweet-One we both received the message and gave glory to God. But the enemy’s currency is fear and terror, if he so much as smells doubt in you he fuels it until you forget all that was promised to you through scripture and the people God is using to speak into your life.

One of my old but still favourite books is battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer because.

“As a man thinks in his mind so is he”

Proverbs 23 verse 7

When you win the battle in your mind you have won the battle in the physical. I am just in awe of how God continues to speak in our lives despite us choosing to believe the lies the enemy tells us. Do you remember succumbing to the voices of doubt in your spiritual walk?

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Rose Mashaba
8th Mar 2018 12:35

This is so beautiful. Keep writing so that I can keep reading 🙂

Tumi Tjale
1st Mar 2018 13:49

The devil is a liar and he is constantly at work to put doubts in our minds, to introduce new temptations in our lives and to try and derail us from the righteous way. He uses our minds, our mouths and our actions to try and overcome us. He also instills fear and puts a lot of fatigue on our bodies so that we do not have the energy to talk to our Master and depend on Him for safety and guidance. This is yet another testimony that if we believe in God, He will save us. He will protect… Read more »

17th Jan 2018 19:57

I love this Prudy. Thank you.