New Member – Answered Prayer

Dear daughter

I love your soft curly hair, soft skin, the precious smile especially when you are asleep. I even love the way you smell.

Bala izibusiso zakho zonke ungasoli qha(count your all your blessings and don’t complain )

Every morning I look into your eyes, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness and unfailing love for us. Newborns are precious,  sweet and vulnerable they are proof that God trusts human beings. Being trusted with a fragile baby to nurture and love is a privilege that we are eternally grateful for.

We have been going through some challenges as a family and your arrival has given us  hope and a dose of joy, your presence reminds us that God is thinking of us and he will meet all our other needs. November 2016 we drafted a list of things we were trusting God for in 2017 and someone 👀 added  Sipho-SeNkosi to have a playmate to  the list despite my objection 🙈. God being very faithful to my husband this was the first prayer point answered.

I am so glad that he added that prayer point and you have brought sweetness and grace to our family. Our father knows what we need better than we do and I believe the Holy Spirit put it in Sweet-One’s heart.

I am enjoying you so much and it feels so good 😊the second time around I am much more relaxed about motherhood. I don’t panick every time you cry or struggle to sleep. Your big brother is a reminder that this phase will pass and you are not giving us a hard time but you are simply trying to communicate the best way you know how.

As I hold you tight in my arms I’m fully aware that in a year’s time you’ll be too big to fit comfortably in my arms. Therefore, I refuse to complain when you want to sleep on my chest or when you wake up to feed at night because in two years time you will insist on feeding yourself .

Mommy, daddy and your brother love you very much and we thank God that he has sent you to make our lives extra sweet. Sipho-seNkosi’s hugs and kisses are a bit rough but they come from a good place. You are our love Thandolwethu, and you will forever  be an object of our affection. The sunshine in our cloudy day❤️.

There is always something to be grateful for. The more grateful we are the less we have to complain about. If we focus on the challenges we face we might not enjoy the blessing that is our daughter. If God could answer this prayer he can definitely answer all other prayers on the list, if it is according to his will for us.

Don’t focus on what is missing and praise Him for all the other blessings you have. Remember someone, somewhere is praying for what you have. Glorify God not your circumstance. Can you recall a time when your challenges were stopping you from giving glory to God ?

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Tumi Tjale
1st Mar 2018 13:58

Oh our God is an awesome God ! He reigns from heaven above ! With wisdom, power and love, our God is an awesome God! I just had to sing that song because we can never have enough words to thank God for what He does for us. I would say that, it does happen that when you’re facing challenges, it gets difficult to praise God. But if you are rooted in faith and in God, you will quickly snap out of it and give Him all the glory He deserves. We know what weeping may last, but joy comes… Read more »

11th Feb 2018 17:49

Uyakhula umndeni wakaCele. you now have someone to share that red-lipstick with :). Enjoy mother-hood Prue.

9th Feb 2018 09:57

I love your writing very beautiful, inspiring. And yes I do remember such a time, I didn’t even have enough strength to open my mouth and ask God for help let alone give him glory. One day during those difficult times I just told myself that even if I say two words my God in heaven will hear me, two words became three, three became four and took me through and here I am today alive and well. His promises are Yes and Amen.

8th Feb 2018 22:09

Beautiful and amen!