New year’s  eve I took Thandolwethu to my mother’s place because Sweet-One and I desperately needed to Dezemba even if it’s just for one night ( for those who don’t know what to Dezemba means , it is alot of things to different people but for the purpose of this post it means have reckless fun like we don’t have responsibilities  😆 ). On our way there she was napping and I realized how quiet it was because Phopho was not in the car. Then I said to Sweet-One I can’t believe we ever complained about exhaustion when we had one child 🤷🏽‍♀️and we laughed about it. NowRead More →

So, a day after date night I posted a video of myself singing “ngikuthandile by Vusi Nova” yes I can hold a note   😉 dedicated to the Sweet-One of course. I received feedback from friends who were surprised that married people sing to one another. In my ideal world couples freely express their love for one another without any fear, because “perfect love casts out all fear” 1 John 4:18. I decided to write this post because we all need to be reminded about why its important to date your spouse. Hopefully when you done reading this you will write a letter,sing a song or planRead More →

Oh how I love spring beautiful flowers, rain, sunshine and warmth everything about this season is wonderful. It is a physical reminder of the seasons in our lives that come and go, winter seemed like it was going to last forever especially when you have a toddler who catches a cold every now and again. But guess what? it didn’t last forever and spring is here and it will also not last forever. It has to make way for summer. The trick is not to get too attached to the season as it is just passing by, we must learn from it and prepare ourselvesRead More →

Today I’m tackling the contentious subject of submission. Most ladies cringe when the topic of submission comes up, mainly because the 21st century woman believes submission made sense in the 1600s. Back then, the man was the only one bringing the bacon home and therefore, he made all the decisions and she simply followed. The question is,  can the modern  wife  submit to her husband even if she is able top pay the mortgage herself? My answer is a definite YES. Submission is not something you do because…It is something we do because God commands us to. This topic came up when I told myRead More →