I am a mother

I love deeply

I cry with my kids

I build lego and puzzles

I read the same bedtime story over and over

I wake up when they cough

I love Sing 1 and 2

I am a referee


After giving birth to my 1st born, I went to my mother’s house for a couple of weeks to recover. and when I had Thandolwethu I went home again, Senkosi didn’t like it at all and he blamed Thando so I had to cut my stay short after having from 6weeks of being nursed by my mother to 3 weeks because one weekend they came to see us and he just refused to leave without me.

This time around I knew that was not an option, my mom had to come to us. When I explained to Lu why I didn’t go home she said something that stayed with me, she said ”I get it Lover you have become Home to other people now”.
I never thought about it that way before but it made a lot of sense to me. Every time I go home and my mom is not home it just doesn’t feel the same.

It is not because there are no baked cookies or food cooking on the stove but it is the simplicity of her presence it brings warmth (rirhandzu).
I know God is love and I believe when He created mothers he was heavy on love hence our love is tangible enough to be felt by the whole family and even go beyond your biological children.

A mother’s love is a mystery it heals wounds and broken hearts. It is mysterious because it is both gentle and vulnerable yet it is also a superpower, it turns timid into brave. Because of this love, there is nothing we will not do for the people we love. It is the reason we will stay up at night with a sick child, read to them when you rather be sleeping, and bake their favourite cake just so you can see them smile.

I consider motherhood a gift from God. A privilege that I do not take for granted. But that does not mean I don’t sometimes feel overwhelmed, or exhausted, some days I even feel like am failing at this mothering thing.

But whether I feel like I am doing great or not my place in their little hearts does not change. I am a Queen and their home.

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers whether you feel like it or not you are doing great. From nappy changes to spelling test preparations. One day at a time. The one who trusted you will see that you do well in this role. So, remember to cover them with prayer every day as he grants you the grace to love them one more day.

with love
Ms Dzo

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Tumi Tjale
9th May 2022 16:51

A big task God entrusted Mothers with. He created us with motherhood in mind. That is why we do the task so effortlessly. We continue to thank Him for this great responsibility and for giving us strength to carry on even when some days are tougher. Happy Mothers’ Day to all the biological and non-biological mothers out there !

Khumbuzile Sithole
8th May 2022 21:19

Being a mother is really priceless

8th May 2022 19:06

Home. I love it. And it is so true.