So one morning Aisha who has been married for 2 years now, sent me a message after I wrote something on my whatsApp status about not hardening your heart because its not healthy and this is what she said ” dear friend, please consider writing a story on the difficult parts of marriage…it will be a blessing to us ”. I must admit I was surprised by the request, not because I never experience challenges in marriage. I just have a different perspective on things. I am a glass half full kinder person, I don’t dwell  on the missing half but on the half thatRead More →

As women’s month drew to a close, I found myself appreciating the amazing force that is a Woman. We are phenomenal creatures, meticulously created for God’s glory. We are delicate yet strong, we are gentle yet courageous, we brave the toughest storms and emerge stronger than before. Sweet-one always says, “if there is anything he admires about women, it has to be their emotional strength”. I know you may think that, that is a not big compliment but it is. It takes strength to love unconditionally and to hope for the best. It takes strength to forgive, to nurture a fragile person to life. ItRead More →