Guys weaning a baby of breast milk is hard  😥 I breastfed our firstborn for about 17 months, the plan was to stop at 2 years, but he started wanting the boob and nothing else so had to stop. It was hard, but I think it was better than how I ended things with Thando our second born  😥  😥 .  Sipho was already used to feeding only at night so supply had gone down so we skipped the painful engorgement. It took about three to five days to introduce a substitute.  My sweet boy genuinely sympathized with me pain, I told him I hadRead More →

February is the one month where romance is the number one topic whether you are a romantic or not, it is in your face and we are forced to have a position about it. Some go to an extent of giving us the history of  Valentino and others feel the need to explain why they do not celebrate. So one of the ladies from mzansi wives as the name suggests the group is for married ladies, asked my thoughts on the romance topic and so I thought I should share with you. The first think that came to mind was who set the standard forRead More →