It turns out the more progress you make in your fast the more the enemy tries to distract you from focusing on God. This does not just happen when you fast but after every mountain top, there will be a valley. When this happened to Jesus he responded with the word. For most of us our first reaction is to feel defeated  😥 You start thinking of quitting I mean , you can’t be fasting and praying while things seem to be getting worse right? but that is the time to pray even more simply because it is hard. It is not going to be easy,Read More →

New year’s  eve I took Thandolwethu to my mother’s place because Sweet-One and I desperately needed to Dezemba even if it’s just for one night ( for those who don’t know what to Dezemba means , it is alot of things to different people but for the purpose of this post it means have reckless fun like we don’t have responsibilities  😆 ). On our way there she was napping and I realized how quiet it was because Phopho was not in the car. Then I said to Sweet-One I can’t believe we ever complained about exhaustion when we had one child 🤷🏽‍♀️and we laughed about it. NowRead More →