As May draws to an end, I would like to reflect on motherhood and how it has changed me. I am a mother, I have a mother and she also has a mother, point is there is no human being without a mother. Whether or not you have a good relationship with her is a topic for another day. Since I became a mother I have been amazed at the depth of love I have for my munchkins and children in general. So my friend Dorcas says I was motherly even before I was a mother I am not quite sure what that means but IRead More →

So, I wanted to post this on workers’ day but I couldn’t the kids kept me busy, and I was praying that my current nanny comes back from the long weekend so I can reassure myself that I am not a horrible employer.Okay, let me start at the beginning so you understand why I was starting to think I am horrible employer. Our mothers took care of us with the help of family (grandmother/aunts/sisters)or no help at all. So we look back and wonder how they did it. There are advantages and disadvantages to that. The advantage is that you know the people taking careRead More →