I read an article about the lion mama’s concern for her daughter , “she is not the person I know her to be” that is the title of the article. I could not help but get emotional at the thought of the pain she must be going through because her daughter is in pain. What concerned me the most was the fact that the mother was not the person she was before the incident either. We call her lion mama, but she woke up on that day without any intention of becoming a murderer. She was a simple mother, probably going about her business trying to provide for her family. And three grown men decided to steal a young women’s innocence, and scar her for life.

The reason my heart is sore,  is because she is being painted as a monster while they decided to go mess with her young in the most inhumane and demeaning manner possible. Yes, she is not the person she knows her to be, she is now part of a rape statistic. She is now a woman who may never trust a man again, she is now a scarred young woman created by society.

We often use the phrase mama bear to refer to a mother who will do anything to protect her young but that applies to most of animals. The wolf pups are born blind and their mothers have a responsibility to protect them until they can see. As human beings, we look forward to seeing our children experience different stages in their lives, taste, smell, and feel, when someone tries to steal that from your child your protective instinct kicks in… and you do what the wolf would do to anyone taking advantage of a blind innocent young pup.

Yes, she is 27 years old she probably has experienced some things in her life journey but she might still not know love from the opposite sex, she was still blind in some ways . It is unfortunate that this experience will affect the partner she chooses, how vulnerable she will be with the people she loves, even her decision to have children in the future. She might not have been blind like the wolf but she still needed protection from her mother so that she experiences life on her terms.

The mother feels her daughter’s pain, and probably wishes she could take it upon herself. What kind of woman manages to fight off three men and kill one? if not a woman driven by something more powerful than anger. Yes, she is not the person she knows her to be, but the mother is not the same person she used to be either. She is now a killer they have made her into.

As a mother, I do not know how I would have reacted but I understand why she did what she did, she was protecting her child and every parent has every right to do so. I know someone else will say we are condoning murder and violence. I honestly do not think it is fair that she was put in that position in the first place , she did not go looking for someone to kill. I am aware that God loves those three men and they too have mothers, and I will write something about the broken men in our society one day. But today I am a mama bear and my heart goes out to both women who will never be what they used to be.

How far will you go to protect your children?

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Tumi Tjale

Oh ! What a sad encounter! I imagine my boy falling and scratching his face and I get chills all over my body. I imagine him being hit by an irresponsible driver in the complex where we stay while riding his bike and I cringe at the thought. I imagine leaving him to play outside or with a friend at a neighbour’s house and some man decides to take his innocence and I want to die. What more when this is not an imagination and it is actually happening to your own? Only God knows what a mother would do… Read more »