On the days leading to the end of my pregnancy,  like most women I was anxious about the safe delivery of our daughter into this world; in the perfect health, and the birth that I have been praying for. I started thinking about a failed attempt at seeing our baby girl through a 4D scan the previous Saturday, she only gave us a glimpse of her eye and nose but quickly brought her hands to her face almost as if she knew someone was trying to look at her. We did this for 30 minutes and still no luck. Sweet-One concluded she did not wantRead More →

To my baby The one thing we pray for, is that we do not give you a childhood you will need to recover from when you older. In the past 2 years, I have learnt that every parent loves their child regardless of how they choose to treat them or show that love. As a parent my first point of reference is your gogo (grandma) and mkhulu (grandad) and like it or not my parenting style is influenced by what I have seen them do. Although your grandparents meant well, I will not apply everything I saw them do and I’m sure they said theRead More →